KARD – Dimelo [Hang, Rom & Eng Lyrics]

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45 thoughts on “KARD – Dimelo [Hang, Rom & Eng Lyrics] – TraveluLike”
  1. Didn't BM aka Matthew say he had Latino roots? I think I remember him saying something along those lines. I love KARD. Hwaiting.

  2. I'm new to KARD and its thanks after seeing a video where they were guessing and singing Spanish song that's when I realized BM knows Spanish!!!? Me siento muy orgullosa! Normalmente solo hablan o tratan de hablar en Inglés pero esta vez mostraron interés en aprender Español! I'm so happy!

  3. love the lyric video, but there are currently 2 people clicking and unclicking the dislike button and it keeps changing from 99, 100, and 101 lmao

  4. خیلی دوست دارم اون روز برسه که می رسه کارد هم اندازه ی بی تی اس .اکسو .بلک پینک معروف بشه ،💕

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